Have all special deals within your membership cards to attract more customers

Connect your business with Value users, unlock new customers through various attractive offers, exclusive to your own membership cards.

Downsize your wallet
Have all your member ship cards in our app, while making your life more convenient by replacing all plastic cards in your wallet.
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Membership cards are free to redeem! Grab yours now an try it today!
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You can enjoy membership discounts without any reservations.

Discover and attract new customers

Connect your business to Value users while pulling new customers with trial offers, seasonal deals and tactical promotions.

Get Valuable Exposure
Ride on Value's regular promotions, email marketing, social media and more!
Dedicated Support
Work with us as we are always here to help.
No Upfront Costs
No upfront setup costs required. Only a fair, flat-rate comission is obligatory when a purchase is done.

Loyalty rewards and the increase of retention rates

Allow your customers to pay with ValuePay while attracting your customers with awesome cashback offers, encouraging them to return with their previously redeemed offers!

Convenient and fast
Get updated when customers scan QR codes.
Cashless Payment
Quick and convenient cashless payment with ValuePay simply with just a few taps on the phone.
Customer Rewards
Increase your returning customers by rewarding them with instant cashbacks!
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What Our Partner Says
ValuePay is an effective payment system for us merchant. Since our sign up with ValuePay, our sales has increase, we too have more return customers now! It brings convenience to our customers with its decent payment process. - Hair Stylez Studio
Member cards has always played an important role in our businesses, but with the help of Value, we now have stepped further into the cardless concept! It's easier to keep track with our consumer's data and transactions! Just store your member cards in your mobile phone and bring it everywhere you go! How convenient! - Cake Time Bakery
Value is doing a great job eliminating the use of plastic cards, instead, let's welcome everyone to the era where online member cards start taking up roles in any kinds of businesses. It increases the convenience and allows merchants to connect easily with their customers! With its latest cardless concept, I guess Value is a great platform for any partnership deals! - Espresso Cafe
  1. Go to your favourite outlet.
  2. Enjoy at the outlet and make purchase with ValuePay
  3. Enjoy Cashback!

ValueDeals are great for targeting and attracting new customers with trial offers and attractive discounts. Whereas ValuePay is a cashless mobile payment method that allows customers to pay for their transactions at a variety of partners and earn cashback or discounts of up to 30%, so it's a great way to retain customers.

What you choose depends on what you need. Get in touch, and our representative will help you decide on what's best for your business.

Easy! You can use our partner platform, ValueBiz, to monitor your ValueDeals and ValuePay transactions. If your campaign is doing well, you may choose to feature more new deals with Value. If you feel your deals can do better, this data provides some indication on areas that can be improved.
With ValueBiz, you're able to monitor your campaign and study relevant data and trends. Among the types of data available are quantity of vouchers sold and voucher redeemed, the number of new customers received, the number of repeated visits from existing customers, and more.